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  • Anwar be quiet you think your big but your not your skinny

    Doug Allen MonroeDoug Allen Monroeأيام قبل
  • 0:16 in and I already laughed

    Creative 8DCreative 8Dأيام قبل

    Brady Smith_27Brady Smith_27أيام قبل
  • 4:18 she slapped the other side of face and he was holding the other one lmao

  • normal bodybuilder flexing compared to anwar jubawi flexing hits different G

    Joshy Rae - Novob57Joshy Rae - Novob57أيام قبل
  • Hi

    Thirst.nxstyyThirst.nxstyyأيام قبل
  • he always manages to b funny without being even 1% cringy:D

    BloSSominG PRincEsSBloSSominG PRincEsS2 أيام قبل
  • 4:21 perfect reply by the girl. 👍

    Nik RashiNik Rashi2 أيام قبل
  • Sssssss hahaha 😂 Anwar you are the best

    Anis KadriAnis Kadri4 أيام قبل
  • 🤣🤣😂😂🤘🤘🤘go hard or go home

    Lilboy SmithLilboy Smith4 أيام قبل
  • “You do see my arms swelled up” “Skip chest day?” 🤔

    Ben DunnBen Dunn6 أيام قبل
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    ali aliali ali6 أيام قبل
  • Katrina Kaif in background

    Bo LieveBo Lieve7 أيام قبل
  • Whats you r problèm with those people 😂😂😂

    Tina HachaniTina Hachani8 أيام قبل
  • My woman would be so mad at me at the first minute.

    Ken KenKen Ken10 أيام قبل
  • Thewaitor is.from dhar mann

    Syed RazaSyed Raza11 أيام قبل
  • "No outside food n drink allowed here unless you are bulking"

    Harareonline TVHarareonline TV14 أيام قبل
  • I saw a add and she got Rick roled so I want to say GET RICK ROLED

    White CloudsWhite Clouds15 أيام قبل
  • I like this guy so much jibawi you are so coool

    anuwar mustafahanuwar mustafah16 أيام قبل
  • I NEVER seen this

    Teo StojcheskiTeo Stojcheski22 أيام قبل
  • mugufukar

    Tejuan McneeTejuan Mcnee23 أيام قبل
  • 3:10 there is a phone

    XGS_ BiggdawggXGS_ Biggdawgg23 أيام قبل
  • Anyone Eles Watching This In 2021!?

    MxP ClapxMxP Clapx25 أيام قبل
  • 😒🤫 as dope🤯😱

    Fast TrackFast Track27 أيام قبل
  • is that the guy from dharr mann studios

    MrSunny9712MrSunny971228 أيام قبل
  • I'm here in 2020 n I want Adam to do this too it would really funny

    Nawaal MohamedNawaal Mohamedأشهر قبل
  • boy you just have no muscle

    Nu PaNu Paأشهر قبل
  • Wait i knew it that blonde hair guys from dhar mann studios

    ramen kingramen kingأشهر قبل
  • That waiter from dhar Mann studios

    Elias faroq FafaElias faroq Fafaأشهر قبل

    Katerina PostoloskiKaterina Postoloskiأشهر قبل
  • It went straight from chest day to leg day🤔🤣

    AR GamingAR Gamingأشهر قبل
  • Theory:Anwar made this video to make himself feel better

    RuralflyRuralflyأشهر قبل
  • She hits left cheek and Anwar catches his right🤣🤣

    ಲ್ ಲೈಟ್ಲ್ ಲೈಟ್أشهر قبل
  • He's weird she's weird we're all weird now can I get a Amen lol

    Nyshandria WilsonNyshandria Wilsonأشهر قبل
  • Isn’t the waiter from Dhar Mann

    Ayan’s VlogsAyan’s Vlogsأشهر قبل
  • The waiter is a guy that is on set for dharman studios

    ExprsoloExprsoloأشهر قبل
  • That pose has a separate fan base

    azaan ansariazaan ansariأشهر قبل
  • The waiter os from dhar Mann studios

    YeetYeetأشهر قبل
  • ت

    هتلرꪜN_ ZهتلرꪜN_ Zأشهر قبل
  • Now that I watch dhar mann it's kind of hard to see that the ex partner can be answar's friend and dharmann's friend 👁️👄👁️

    Arcelia SanchezArcelia Sanchezأشهر قبل
    • Lmao ikr

      sxulz_qtsxulz_qtأشهر قبل
  • Y

    Deadshot JaxyDeadshot Jaxyأشهر قبل
  • answer hate a date a women she are borke up and slap a feca and he got a friend in a date and this is a worse date ever

    Siobhan LindelofSiobhan Lindelofأشهر قبل
  • i like how she slaped him on the other cheek yet he is rubing the one she did not slap

    Luisa CruzLuisa Cruzأشهر قبل
  • this kinda made me mad

    bro what?bro what?أشهر قبل
  • do not subscribers

    Eduardo Bartolo-AlonsoEduardo Bartolo-Alonsoأشهر قبل
  • Omg Chas from dharmann

    Mohamed NezamMohamed Nezamأشهر قبل
  • 8000 😂😂😂😂😂

    Shanoor AhmedShanoor Ahmedأشهر قبل
  • I just realized the waiter is from Dhar Mann studios smh 🤦‍♂️

    Chase KoeckChase Koeckأشهر قبل
  • I love the way he walk hahahahahahahahah

    rishab lalrishab lalأشهر قبل
  • 4:21 How my dating life right now is

    Marci GabrielMarci Gabriel2 أشهر قبل
  • 4:18 is legendary

    K3saniK3sani2 أشهر قبل
  • Isn't the waiter an actor from dhar mann

    Anne Nicole VillenaAnne Nicole Villena2 أشهر قبل
  • i love you

    Ibsa WakoIbsa Wako2 أشهر قبل
  • the way he hold his arms like that it just make a laugh

    Lynesha HillLynesha Hill2 أشهر قبل
  • "Make sure to subscribe, and like this video. 💪🏼Aaaahah!!!!!💪🏼"

    LilSavage_YTLilSavage_YT2 أشهر قبل
  • 100k likes ok ok

    Riley FreemanRiley Freeman2 أشهر قبل
  • Is the waiter the actor from dhar mhan studio too right

    Myint MadiMyint Madi2 أشهر قبل
  • i love this video, but do you have any problems with gymer ?

    phan van Dieuphan van Dieu2 أشهر قبل
  • what is her name

    SeilId1v1SeilId1v12 أشهر قبل
  • Hannah stocking and Lele pons for life anuwar f you

    Addison rae EasterlingAddison rae Easterling2 أشهر قبل
  • 0:50 i cannot believe this waiter is from dar mann

    Pedro SanabriaPedro Sanabria2 أشهر قبل
  • is the sever the actor in dhar mann

    Lau Pik SeeLau Pik See2 أشهر قبل
  • Anyone notice the waiter is an actor at Dhar Mann?

    Jake ParkJake Park2 أشهر قبل
  • Feeling bad fo the lady 😔😔😔

    arash waniarash wani2 أشهر قبل
  • Funniest thing in this video is that anwar is acting the bodybuilder

    EepekEepek2 أشهر قبل
  • .....will you.....girl:omg yes a thousand times! yessss! anwar:will my gym spotter? girl:*slaps anwar* waitrest:ill be ur gym spotter ;) me: .-. wooooow

    Sarah YeeSarah Yee2 أشهر قبل
  • 😃

    Damario NelsonDamario Nelson2 أشهر قبل
  • The bartender u meet is one of the worker from dhar Mann trust me I saw him before in dhar Mann video

    Khou ChingKhou Ching2 أشهر قبل
  • I hate you

    Kiamlou TonsingKiamlou Tonsing2 أشهر قبل
  • you are so cool

    Carla ejailatCarla ejailat2 أشهر قبل
  • Is the waiter actor from dhar mann

    Shreyas SatputeShreyas Satpute2 أشهر قبل
  • I love his body style🤣🤣

  • My best friend her mom is a bodybuilder and so is her dad so I guess it works out

    Idk what my name should beIdk what my name should be3 أشهر قبل
  • Flat Stanley

    LDS ramonLDS ramon3 أشهر قبل
  • Sike no gains

    thanos dionethanos dione3 أشهر قبل
  • Isn't that waiter/servant,idk I forgot what it's called, from Dhar Mann

    JollifyJollify3 أشهر قبل
  • How did he get a bench in the restaurant

    Michael PhilpottMichael Philpott3 أشهر قبل
  • I like how he sit down as if his arms was soar

    Michael PhilpottMichael Philpott3 أشهر قبل
  • she went right back to the streets

    RoidxnRoidxn3 أشهر قبل
  • ⭐️⭐️

    Rammy RimawiRammy Rimawi3 أشهر قبل
  • Isn't the waiter the same guy who features in Dhar Mann's videos as well?

    mercy melbamercy melba3 أشهر قبل
  • The candle isnt even lit

    Bandit 7373Bandit 73733 أشهر قبل
  • Omg

    Bella LijeronBella Lijeron3 أشهر قبل
  • I thank. A man should. Pau A tension. To. His girlfriend

    Eden you crazy ThorneEden you crazy Thorne3 أشهر قبل
  • You are the best

    Somon EshmatovSomon Eshmatov3 أشهر قبل
  • hi im a big fan

    Sasha and cammie RoughSasha and cammie Rough3 أشهر قبل
  • Wow the dude from dhar man is waiter wow

    JpristousJpristous3 أشهر قبل
  • Ghdhjkkkqbsbzbxnmvdeooooookkkkkoooofgggfgs Jdjh Hdhhbdbdddbudbiahjqjsbvd jd nd n dn Hd hd jd 100000000000000000000000000_;&;:)

    SNF PumpSNF Pump3 أشهر قبل
  • I think this guy can't pick up 50lbs

    Adolfo VelazquezAdolfo Velazquez3 أشهر قبل
  • That guy is from dhar man

    josh persaudjosh persaud3 أشهر قبل
  • He’s not funny to me

    Chance McConnalChance McConnal3 أشهر قبل
  • something something bodybuilder starring Anwar jabawi❤️😂😂😂

    Mr. MarooniMr. Marooni3 أشهر قبل
  • 4:21 Anwar bro that's what you gonna miss more than those weights at the gym👀👀

    Raghav GuptaRaghav Gupta3 أشهر قبل
  • This really made my day 😂😂😂!!!!

    XI COMD-26 Sinchan NaskarXI COMD-26 Sinchan Naskar3 أشهر قبل
  • Most of the characters are from dhar mann

    Vector GuyVector Guy3 أشهر قبل
  • Is that the dude from dhar mann

    Iann SIann S3 أشهر قبل
  • Who else notices that the girl in the background is Katrina Kaif

    tabnavbentabnavben3 أشهر قبل
  • Ling ling is what the dog ordered

    QuackssQuackss3 أشهر قبل
  • The funny part is, lots of girls who have boyfriends that are obsessed with working out really kinda feel like that...

    Sean’s Fitness JournalSean’s Fitness Journal3 أشهر قبل
  • Boi

    SHYW4LFSHYW4LF3 أشهر قبل