Hanging Out with Rich Friends | Anwar Jibawi

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  • me after wtching this: hmmm also me: research anwar jibawi me again: Oh its a joke hes rich too haha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Crazyself GamingCrazyself Gaming8 ساعات قبل
  • His laugh 😂

    Joker FFJoker FF14 ساعات قبل
  • It must be frustrating to have riches friends

    Derreck AbateDerreck Abate15 ساعات قبل
  • Lmao the HaHaHaHa

    HmHm22 ساعات قبل
  • I can't with his face reactions🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Titi GovoriTiti Govori23 ساعات قبل
  • 😂😂😂

    Prince Freeman officialPrince Freeman officialأيام قبل
  • only future billionaires will like this comment

    Max WestonMax Westonأيام قبل
    • like Logy Ming's comment aswell

      Max WestonMax Westonأيام قبل
  • *Rich People talk* Anwar: Uhh, im not the rich type Anwar's mind: Bruh i dont get, ima just follow the group and say s**t

    oreoluwa onafowokanoreoluwa onafowokanأيام قبل
  • U guys must know my cousin Gustavo. He's a great guy but, but he's Arrogant🤣😑

    Jenlan MoinyakJenlan Moinyak2 أيام قبل
  • 3:10 when he was running out of stuff to say 😆😆

    carlcampbellmusiccarlcampbellmusic2 أيام قبل
  • Why am I getting nervous when ever the poor guy speaks 🥺

    XeE kIkOnXeE kIkOn2 أيام قبل
  • I feel broke watching this. Lol

    C DinaC Dina2 أيام قبل
  • That's how cold and boring it is at the top?

    Ballers ThroneBallers Throne3 أيام قبل
  • I swear all rich people have an accent

    Caden DeinesCaden Deines3 أيام قبل
  • Anwar's laughing like a robot

    Moifore N. Jallah Jr.Moifore N. Jallah Jr.3 أيام قبل
  • You exposs me you expose yourself

    WanWan3 أيام قبل
  • Love your funny videos 🤣🤣🤣

    Jonathan ArokapitiJonathan Arokapiti4 أيام قبل
  • nWo

    RedSUSRedSUS4 أيام قبل
  • why the heck am I so stressed while watching this???

    Chengyan WangChengyan Wang5 أيام قبل
  • Adam didnt sound rich so I knew he was broke😂

    Rod RowsRod Rows5 أيام قبل
  • I learnt how to smile a fake smile after watching this ....lol

  • He's great but he's arrogant... 👽

    Kheto ZaphuKheto Zaphu6 أيام قبل
  • My name gustavo adam

    Gustavo BermudesGustavo Bermudes7 أيام قبل
  • 🤣🤣

    KyraKyra7 أيام قبل
  • Hey 👋 bro

    Abdirahman MohamedAbdirahman Mohamed7 أيام قبل
  • Moral of the video rich people talk weird

    AyushKODTVAyushKODTV8 أيام قبل
  • Honestly this is the first anwars video i watch

    Firdausiah RamadhaniFirdausiah Ramadhani8 أيام قبل
  • hmmm... did you see Anwar with slides on at 2:23-25

    Henry VelasquezHenry Velasquez8 أيام قبل
  • The amount of awkwardness is over the limit

    HAKULS X-CanGeRHAKULS X-CanGeR8 أيام قبل
  • The most handsome in the world

    น้องควย เลี่ยมทองน้องควย เลี่ยมทอง8 أيام قبل
  • this is how i feel when i give a penny to my friend

    Twitch JelyTwitch Jely9 أيام قبل
  • Love the flip flop

    simple gamersimple gamer10 أيام قبل
  • His cousins own everything 😂😭😂😁😂🤣😂😅🤣😂

    Sherzad KareemSherzad Kareem10 أيام قبل
  • I remember going to a hotel, and buying it

    John Heinrich HechanovaJohn Heinrich Hechanova10 أيام قبل
  • My mans anwar should be arrested for wearing socks and crocks 😭😭😭

    Htee saw AungHtee saw Aung11 أيام قبل
  • How many cousins does this guy have

    Empire joshvir262Empire joshvir26212 أيام قبل
  • mans 2-3 seconds in the video and ALREADY FUCKIN DEAD

    not zaplayzzツnot zaplayzzツ13 أيام قبل
  • أصبحت فيديوهاتك مملة جدا

    MixX MUSICMixX MUSIC13 أيام قبل
  • Haha

    noluv MJnoluv MJ14 أيام قبل
  • I hate that laugh man!

    Shady CoderShady Coder14 أيام قبل
  • 😂

    A i z f a aA i z f a a15 أيام قبل

    A i z f a aA i z f a a15 أيام قبل
  • This is exactly me when I hangout with my frnds

    SoulPrintsSoulPrints15 أيام قبل
  • I miss the old Anwar..

    Sahil LaskarSahil Laskar16 أيام قبل
  • How does Adam have that phone even tho he is broke?

    Osman HazanOsman Hazan17 أيام قبل
  • Anwars sitting... 😀

    Just WatchJust Watch17 أيام قبل
  • 😂😂😂 hell yeah

    Dr. Smd AbbasDr. Smd Abbas17 أيام قبل
  • A pool inside an über 🤣🤣🤣

    Madanga MadangaMadanga Madanga17 أيام قبل
  • I lost it when I saw his Flip Flops. Lmao

    Heart LessHeart Less17 أيام قبل
  • Pool in the Uber, Nice.

    Heart LessHeart Less17 أيام قبل
  • Legend says it they still broke

    jenniferchenjenniferchen18 أيام قبل
  • That's hilarious

    Mohamad WahbaMohamad Wahba19 أيام قبل
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I know how that feels oh my friends are rich almost

    kiro 19kiro 1919 أيام قبل
  • There is no ads in ur videos..i love watching

    Honey VermaHoney Verma19 أيام قبل
  • So we were celebrating the 250th birthday of Beethoven in Berlin and I was participating in the concert as a pianist.Then we had a banquet where we met the intelligencia and the politicians of Germany,including the Bundespresident and I was shocked as to how down to earth they were.Nothing like this video did I see in the behaviour and attitude of those people.

    Tamas KakabadzeTamas Kakabadze19 أيام قبل
  • Fantastic.

    Becker JoanneBecker Joanne19 أيام قبل
  • That’s me in my group of friends but change the business talk to the latest stuff and most expensive stuff like jewelry and really expensive shoes

    Nodeathnoway Roblox vlogs and moreNodeathnoway Roblox vlogs and more19 أيام قبل
  • Addam broke too😭😭🤣

    Jamol JulienJamol Julien20 أيام قبل
  • His favorite food is cupe de noodel

    N. D.N. D.20 أيام قبل
  • I born in Belgium

    Hadia BakhtiarHadia Bakhtiar20 أيام قبل
  • Bruh Uber drivers can’t just rock up to your property like that😂😂

    Johnny AsvestasJohnny Asvestas20 أيام قبل
  • LoL

    ყuuтσყuuтσ20 أيام قبل
  • Anwar and Adam are broke

    aiden dockettaiden dockett21 أيام قبل
  • I 5th that

    LDS ramonLDS ramon21 أيام قبل
  • sounds like TARGET 🤣🤣

    BlueMarSBlueMarS21 أيام قبل
  • Does anyone know the name of the black guy in the video?

    Aiden the blanket manAiden the blanket man21 أيام قبل
  • why is nobody talking about socks with flop flips

    This is MidasThis is Midas21 أيام قبل
  • U broke too🤣🤣🤣🤣

    THE FRANKENSTEIN warriorTHE FRANKENSTEIN warrior21 أيام قبل
  • 😂😂😂

    Arnold Sujan KatruArnold Sujan Katru21 أيام قبل
  • I have died of laughing 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    Ekhane shekhane vlogEkhane shekhane vlog22 أيام قبل
  • Im suprised Adam has the new iphone when he is broke

    Lucas AlivioLucas Alivio25 أيام قبل
  • Socks and flip flops 😂

    Sir Nicholas The 21stSir Nicholas The 21st25 أيام قبل
  • 😹😹

    Jaden MaciasJaden Macias26 أيام قبل
  • The laught that he did in the biggining the mouth

    Jaden MaciasJaden Macias26 أيام قبل
  • Is my is my mother goose club out.

    Vu NhuVu Nhu26 أيام قبل
  • wait they had these cameras last year 😃

    bad wiggiessbad wiggiess27 أيام قبل
  • In the ending adam keeps the class of wine and the next shit he has it in his hand

    Fardin MohammedFardin Mohammed27 أيام قبل
  • "Who are you wearing" 😂😂

    Guergouri DjallelGuergouri Djallel27 أيام قبل
  • Dababy lookalike??

    Venura WorldVenura World27 أيام قبل
  • He officially committed suicide

    Lj 11Lj 1129 أيام قبل
  • U know someones rich if they have a low voice no metter the race.

    ShadowDrifter546ShadowDrifter546أشهر قبل
  • Adams cousins literally owns everything btw I’m a huge fan

    DA PumpkinDA Pumpkinأشهر قبل
  • Me every time I wear my AirPods max

    Sazuki SenpaiSazuki Senpaiأشهر قبل
  • Gustavo is actually my name

    TTV WaffleEaterTTV WaffleEaterأشهر قبل
  • Lol the whole conversation was so awkward

    A Youtube ChannelA Youtube Channelأشهر قبل
  • Who... are you wearing? 😅

    adnan asgharadnan asgharأشهر قبل
  • 0:10 - 0:15 LMAO

    Janedoe 1984Janedoe 1984أشهر قبل
  • Me and all my friends are rich.....none of us are like this😂

    Discreet MillionaireDiscreet Millionaireأشهر قبل
    • I think you are tho🤣

      Kawtar BorjiKawtar Borji5 أيام قبل
  • Adam got so many girls 😲

    HYPER XHYPER Xأشهر قبل
  • Like

    Matthew GeorgeMatthew Georgeأشهر قبل
  • oh you must know my brother Anwar but you know he's..... argent

    W.E.E.B HQW.E.E.B HQأشهر قبل
  • That laugh tho

    Isaiah MijnhijmerIsaiah Mijnhijmerأشهر قبل
  • Nwo t shirt..

    Rayan BanerjeeRayan Banerjeeأشهر قبل
  • When she said : Whoooo are you wearing ?!? Anwar had enough 😂😂😂

    KEY SKEY Sأشهر قبل
  • Hi

    Leonardo VeraLeonardo Veraأشهر قبل
  • Lmaoo why is anwar always broke 😭😭

    Bakugo LoverBakugo Loverأشهر قبل
  • なんてこった?

    Sayeed ChowdhurySayeed Chowdhuryأشهر قبل
  • Hianwort

    Sandi DurdevicSandi Durdevicأشهر قبل
  • The acting is on point😂💯

    TotiTheKidTotiTheKidأشهر قبل