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  • Ngl but anwars boss kinda sounds like Donald Trump

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  • 👋 bro

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  • Plot twist: The guy who answered the call was actually Filipe

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  • 1 YEAR AGO IM LATEEE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙂🙂🙂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • When your the boss: yES IM ALMOST RICH

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  • Make 2021 video

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  • Ong the phone call is so microwave

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  • This was my first video of Anwar 😍😭 Hey Anwar our one year anniversary just finished ❤️ Where's my chocolate?? 😊

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  • "No im the boss"

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  • The rock should Collab With Anwar

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  • Someone is rich

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  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

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  • *Hey, it’s Mario, is this Oscar? On my block fans, where ya at?!?*

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  • Me yelling at my team for dying IM THE BOSS

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  • Felipe.... where did they got that name? maybe from Flamgo?

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  • YoUr NoT GaNnA Do A ThInG

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  • Yo i watch this videos before going to bed

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  • Good take the money so you can buy a pc

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  • Alternative AR-too title:the replaced smosh

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    • I agree .-.

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    • 莊凱晞CHONG HOI HEI Yeah i agree. Those were my first thoughts after being addicted to his videos. I haven’t laughed this hard since Smosh. But honestly smosh made me laugh in almost every video. Here it doesn’t always make you laugh but gets a little cringe every now and then. Still a comedy genius though

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  • Plot twist.....I'm the Boss.

  • I’m the boss

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  • IM THE BOSS!!!!

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  • He said Felipe

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  • You’re not gonna do a thingggg

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  • come here felipe *proceeds to say hello instead of hola*

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  • Anyone see the ps4 branded headset

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  • 0:34 he sounds like Tom Holland

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  • Edjfkjfjfi

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  • Anwar Montana

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  • Legend has it Philippe whereabouts are still unknown

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  • 2:23 oscar montanaaa

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  • That dude sounds like trump 👁👄👁..

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  • I want more of the paint store

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  • Actually you all are wrong.. I'm the boss.. and don't forget it

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  • I'm the boss

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  • who also watch this video in December 2020😂 MY 2MILLION DOLLARS 🤣

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  • No I’m the boss

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  • you're shit i don't like your vidose's >:( >:(>:( >:(

  • Tony Montana "ok” 😂 (at 1:05)

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  • Noones gonna talk about how Edwards boss sounded like trump for a second?

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  • yall remember the other vid

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  • I feel bad for the boss he seemed so old even tho it’s fake but ye I still feel some sympathy

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  • My mam would love some paint

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  • hkll,k;;lolloply80-pl[;m.,.lm jk,klmvg68iiu098no-0liuiu;lkyguou8hg,

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  • They would NEVER find me

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  • Your not gonna do thingggggg

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  • Bru he’s litterlyng saying YoUr nOt GoNnA dOA tHiNg

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  • 2:13 “I’m the boss too”😂😭 his voice

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  • This is the. Only. Video where anwar. Wins

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  • The boss at first sounded like Donald Trump

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  • 3:13 i still don't know how are ppl that are able to speak that fast.

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  • I'm the boss no I'm the boss nah nah nah I'm the boss bro I'm the boss

    it's your boy me am premoit's your boy me am premoأشهر قبل
  • Yoo is that tony montana from scarface

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  • "Your not gonna do a thing..."😆

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  • whts with the Alpacino accent

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  • *2:36** Khabib The Eagle Nurmagomedov*

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  • Wait anwars boss at the start says “anwar” but anwars name is Edward in the video?

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