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  • Anwar got so much hot chicks

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  • Hey that white guy is from dhar man 😀

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  • he forgot the gift bag he is not that cheap

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  • K, about a week ago me and my family, and our relatives were celebrating New Years and we were all opening gifts, k so my cousin got a ps5 for $1k and I was like k dad were is my new gaming laptop I was whining to get for about 3 years now. So my dad points at a small bag over by the Christmas tree and I walk over there and it says my name and I open the gift... and it is a toothbrush.😔 And my parents always wonder why I’m always sad mad and why I hate everyone. Like who the heck just gives their child a toothbrush for a gift that they have been waiting all year to get??

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  • Anwar 1:21 has a iPhone 11....

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  • Anwar: helicopter fuel isn't cheap me: then it's expensive but your broke

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  • Anwar be like bill gates

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  • Anwar: sells the Nintendo Guy who got Anwar the Nintendo: he’s selling it for more than I paid for 🤭

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  • This man sold the switch for jet fuel 🤑

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  • Is no one gonna talk about red banana gift on the thumbnail🤣

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  • Anwar: chewing on gum Girl: can I get some Anwar: sure gives here tiny pice of gum Girl:in her head WTF

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  • The true spirit of Nimrod

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  • F*** anwar

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  • I was like bruh 😂 when anwar was poor and then he pull out an iPhone 12 to sell thé Nintendo 😂😂

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  • Anwar can't have a normal end.

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  • Nidedo switch

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  • Hi anwar

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    • Hi @lataoya jhonson

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  • Toilet paper is not a bad gift now...

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      corona virus shitcorona virus shit2 أشهر قبل

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