What Really Happens at Airports? | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

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    • I just love airport squad u the best anwar and i love it keep making these videos and im a try to get in your restaurant

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    • U should do episodes and more season u can ending up with a story line on this

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    • I made a playlist called “Airport Security Squad (A.S.S)” and I put in order of the videos because I saw your video called Netflix cheater and I knew it was based on these videos

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  • Am i the only one who noticed that airirport security squad stands for A.S.S. And ass without the dots ??🤔

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  • ok.

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  • I immediately fell in love with this in just a matter of seconds. It’s better then most garbage we watch in TV. I can see myself watching this every week.

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  • This should be on Netflix or Hulu

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  • Anwar does airport security squad mean ass

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  • My name is Amir too.

  • I know I'm late but looks like amir only friend is a mirror even then it still cracked

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  • he siad if i can get everyones attention but it sounded like Fucking get everyones attention

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  • Bruh this really should be a Netflix series

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  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAH DUDE. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. ur like my fav along w Hannah and JP

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    • Juanpa?

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  • Me: Sees how freindly everyone is Me: Thats not how its suppose to be- Anwar: LoOk At My Arms! 'now thats a show-'

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  • A airport does not keep u safe they just u feel safe by making U Think bomb is a bad Word there and. Checking u for exs. Gun lighter and any kind of metal now there is a video by collagehuomor called Adam ruins everything airport i Think u sould go check it out and se the things that a airport accualy does

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  • this is pretty gay yet accurate in the sense that we give the least qualified riff raff very important jobs so ill give them credit for that.

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  • This guy's another one that was making fun of me! Thanks Verizon! Case: Cruz V. Verizon Corporation

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